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ITEM: Shake, Wrap & Roll!
COMPANY: Quaker Steak & Lube

Explanation of why this project/individual meets the criteria:

The Shake, Wrap & Roll! program tied in food and cocktails. The program featured two wraps, two rolls and five Bar Jar cocktails shaken tableside! This "Keep The Glass" program allowed guests to take the logo'ed Bar Jars with them!
The promotion ran April 19-July 18, 2011


- Target Sandwiched-In menu category for new & fresh selections.
-Introduce new "Keep the Glass" Bar Jar.
- "Shake" - Add excitement while promoting new, fun cocktails that guests can identify with when visiting any Quaker Steak & Lube® location.
- "Wrap" - Take advantage of the perception that Wraps as a category are healthier or better for you. The Main Menu had fast growth in sales with our signature Boneless Chicken Wrap so the brand needed to expand the category.
- "Roll" - Offer new menu selections using our current Chipped Steak, but add the flavors and textures of The Lube®!


- The Wraps & Rolls incorporate The Lube® brand signature wing sauces as the flavor elements of the recipes.
- Strategy included providing new and flavorful options to expand the Sandwiched-In category.
- Taste elements to include sweet, spicy, tangy, crunchy incorporated into recipes.
- The Bar Jars originated from Quaker Steak & Lube's® Shake, Wrap & Roll! program where five featured drinks were served in 15 ½ oz. "Keep The Glass" Bar Jars! Three new cocktails were featured along with two signature drinks.
- The "Keep The Glass" tactic was created to provide additional brand exposure once the glass leaves the restaurant. The piece will be used by the guest as a "souvenir" mug and will serve as awareness for the Quaker Steak & Lube® brand.
The Food & Beverage Department worked directly with the internal Marketing team and Franchise Menu Committee in determining that the brand needed to expand and freshen its "Sandwiched-in" selections on the Core menu. The Lube® reached out to our Vendor partners for ideation and product development for a 2011 2nd Quarter promotion. After several vendor presentations, internal testing, recipe development with Franchise partners and promotions development with Marketing, The Lube® developed, "Shake, Wrap & Roll!"

The theme of "Shake, Wrap & Roll!" was a perfect tie into the hand-shaken Bar Jar cocktails, new wraps, and new Philly rolls. The art team took the imagery and funneled the graphics and food photography throughout all of the support materials.


- Smokin' Tires BBQ Pork Wrap - Loaded with smoky hand-pulled BBQ Pork, Crispy Bacon, cheddar-jack, crispy breaded 1 " think-cut O-rings and fresh jalapeno slaw wrapped in a wheat tortilla. Burn Baby Burn!
- Jalapeno Chicken BLT Wrap- Jalapeno Ranch chicken salad, celery, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion wrapped in a wheat tortilla. - BBQ O-Ring Cheesesteak- Thinly shaved sirloin sauteed with our original smoky BBQ sauce, crispy breaded 1" think-cut O-rings and cheddar-jack cheese on a fresh hoagie roll.
- Pick-Up Pickle Philly- Thinly sliced sirloin sauteed with zesty Ranch wing sauce, topped with crunchy coated dill pickle spears and melted Swiss on a fresh hoagie roll with jalapeno ranch aside.

RESULTS for "Wrap & Roll":

All of the sandwich features were new items, we brought in one new item, now our "Signature" Lube Jalapeno Ranch, other ingredients were existing, incorporating Lube flavors and textures of our famous breaded O-Rings & Pick-up Pickles. Both the Jalapeno Chicken BLT Wrap and the Smokin' Tires BBQ Pork Wrap rolled to the Main Menu, as well as the BBQ Cheesteak Philly.


The hand-shaken Bar Jars include:
- Leaded Lube-N-Ade® - Our signature blend of fresh lemon, rum, gin & triple sec!
- Lube Island Tea - The Lube's® version of Long Island Tea. Oh so tealicious!
- Three O-Rang Tang Orange-N-Ade - Outrageously juicy orange & tangerine hand-shaken Orange-N-Ade!
- Skinny Bacardi Dragonberry Lime-N-Ade - Exotic Dragonberry Rum shaken with fresh lime & strawberry puree.
- Sweet & Tart Peach Tea - Sweet Carolina Sweet Tea Vodka and juicy Peachtree Schnapps shaken with fresh lemonade.


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